Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New blog have a read

You will enjoy the stories in this blog have a read tell me what you think.

Last post in the UK

The next time i post i will be living in Germany so take care everyone till then. I will enjoy catching up on your blogs when we get set up. Back soon

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tooth Fairy

Little boys tooth fell out last night so of course he gets excited and says that the tooth fairy will come while he was sleeping.

There's me last night slipping my hand under his pillow hoping that he won't wake up just so i can get the tooth out and stick money underneath. The little bugger had put it right under his head so as i pushed my hand in his head was lifting. I could just imagine his eye's opening and him asking me what i'm doing. I don't know about you's but the going rate here is a pound per tooth. I remember we got 20p and that s only if my mum could spare the 20p .

He run in this morning at 6am shouting "look mum and dad the tooth fairy has come and left me a pound". He was so excited when we went out that he could spend his money. In the end i added another pound so he could get what he wanted.Just another 21 teeth to go.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Counting Down

Just over a week left then we hand the house back and we move on. Dropping the kids of next Friday at Granny and Grandads house then we are back to sort things out. I just want to go now this hanging around is doing my head in. The kids are ready and they have got it sorted in there head that after next friday they won't be back to this house and they are looking forward to doing up their new rooms to the way they want them.

Been going through the Ikea catalogue to see what we need for the new place and what else i just want. Does anybody else go to Ikea and say yes we need this this and this but come out with much more than what you went in for or is that just me. I can't help it i go well its only this amount and we could use this, everytime we go there. Nightmare

Got my brother coming tomorrow night i'm so looking forward to seeing him, its been a while and it might be along time before i see him again. No doubt the stories will come out like they always do when we have a drink, its the way we are, we like to remember the old times and we have such a laugh. It should be a good night all round.

Anybody any plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Backs broke

All morning i have been taking curtains down and putting more up, sticking army ones in the washing machine and tonight i will be ironing them. i have also been clearing out the hotpress thats where i keep all my bedding and towels and sticking them in boxes. My back is broke i could just sit and rest now but i've got more to do including looking after two kids that want something every two minutes. I'm dreading unpacking with the kids around, everytime we have moved the kids have gone to granny and grandad which has been great help. Its something i'm not looking forward to.

I've two days of work left this Friday and next Wednesday i will be glad when its over just because two extra kids in a house full of boxes and not much space is hell. And also me being sort tempered doesn't help. One month from now and everything should be back to normal (I hope).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Going Up in the World

With husband being promoted it means that at Christmas we should have a Ball in the Sergents Mess well today i was out looking at ball gowns and i have fell in love with one. It is a long black corset dress but it also have detachable straps so you have two dresses in one. When i had it up against me and i looked in the mirror i felt amazing. I could just imagine myself walking in to the Ball with the dress on and hubby in his mess dress it would be fantastic.

Don't really want to buy anything just yet so when it is time to buy one i'm hoping i can order it online and cross fingers that they will post it to Germany for me.

How silly am i, i felt like cinderella today in my fairy tale dress. At that very second i felt great.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Scrabo Tower

Gave me and hubby vertigo looking up - it was nearly as bad looking down.

Where I grew up I could see this everyday.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Giants Causeway

Watching the kids faces when they where standing on the Giants Causeway was amazing.

This was the view we had when we started our walk to the Giants Causeway, it looks fantastic doesn't it.

Fantastic or what

Take away everything that you read about or hear about on the news and this is what you could see if you went to Northern Ireland, it is an amazing place. If you don't go you will miss out. We seen this beautiful cottage when we stopped of to get something to eat it was a little fishing village. Absolutly beautiful.

Antrim Coast

Driving back to my mums this was the view all along the Antrim Coast.
You could see for miles and miles